Copy and paste dating dating a shy coworker

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As well, if a message seems completely copied and pasted, then you need to find a new message to spam out. First, it is the most time efficient method of online dating for men.Hell, it is the most time efficient form of dating physically possible.It had all the elements of a great online dating profile – it was different, it was free of cliche statements and it contained no bragging.What that woman says on her page must resonate with a lot of others who understand that romantic chemistry is hard to define, but we all know it when we have it and when we feel it.

Well, there are two types of messages that actually get responses from women.He was looking at it all, so drunk and confounded, like he couldn’t figure out who would have done it.That’s all of us, I think, looking back at what plans we had, screaming and holding our faces in our hands.Well, judge for yourself, as the entire profile has been copied and pasted below: “It doesn’t really matter does it? So lets go get coffee, go to an obnoxiously pretentious art gallery, go get some whiskey and play pool while trading stories or share a flask on the bus and laugh about how horrible we are for each other.:p Interests: coffee cigarettes & conversation, adventures of ridiculous intent with my band of merry pranksters, dancing, puzzles, sparring matches, psychology, philosophy, comedy, hedonism, anomalies, magic tricks, music that makes you feel, people that make you think” I would never encourage anyone to copy someone else’s online dating profile, but the above writing style can be an inspiration to anyone else who wants to stand out and have better results meeting men online.

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See, if a woman knows you crafted a messaged based upon something in her profile, she knows you read her profile.

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