Dating the jjang from sang

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Young Ho acknowledged that secretary Min had worked hard all this time and the moment for Young Ho to read Joo Eun’s messages had arrived! She kept encouraging and reminding him that he won’t get rid of her that easily!She also urged him to not worry about her since everything’s fine in her life except for the fact that she was missing him.

It started back in the days when he was in pain due to his health issue.

Instead, he held in his hands the book she had given him and he had put the sticking plaster on it.

Even though he’d love to see her again, he had to prevent himself from doing so since he wasn’t fully healed and seeing her would make him unable to leave her side. Ji Woong showed him Joon Sung’s champion belt and hugged Young Ho to the extent of being unstoppable!

I can’t tell you in words how sorry i am for making you wait for too long. You, who must have cried for me every day, You were the strength that pulled me back up. Staring at the same ceiling every day, time wasn’t passing by for Young Ho.

And you’re the finest cure in my life, My reason for getting healed and my miracle. The pain within his heart was greater than the physical pain he was going through, but he would never want to see Joo Eun since he couldn’t afford seeing her crying because of him and he recalled how she was feeling every time she had witnessed him in pain.

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