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Many guys struggle in this area because they feel they need to lead the conversation. Let her ask a questions and be ready to You’ll come across a lot of dating advice for men that focuses on the need to be decisive during a date. We may be deep in the age of equality, but when it comes to going out on a date, most women want to feel they are with a man who is in control.

Being decisive does not come naturally to every guy but it really is just another technique to learn.

Tired of having crappy dates that never turn into anything serious?

Sick of watching your buddies get all of the girls why you sit alone, empty handed?

Even more important than knowing how the game is played, you must understand how the game is WON. Totally wasn’t the 7½ beers talking ;] #goodtimes #goodtalk #seeyaoutthere As you’d expect, my friend list reacted with […] I got a killer conversation technique to share with you.

Rule of the Game: DO NOT […] A few months back, I posted this as my Facebook status: If you’re reading this, you probably received a text from me last night (or, technically, this morning). In fact, I used this exact move last night on a date and it ignited fireworks. But first, let’s talk about “the sinking ice feeling.” The sinking ice feeling is that feeling in your chest when you know you’re bombing...

Many guys never actually get that far because they go overboard, thinking they have to woo their date by laying on a full night of entertainment for her: four-course meal, VIP lounge at a popular cocktail bar, coffee afterwards. But while you are thinking she’ll be unable to resist such a lavish attention, she may be thinking something completely different.

This way if she decides to bail or you want to bolt, there’s no love lost.

If after that first meeting the both of you dig one another, progress to tips 2-5.

True, lasting self-confidence requires that you reach deep inside and take stock of who you are and what you can do.

Working with a therapist can help a tremendous deal in this area.

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Just keep in mind that it is better to take her to a mediocre place as opposed to not having a clue as to where to go One final piece of dating advice for men is to treat each date as a fresh slate and avoid ruminating about what’s gone wrong in the past.