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4 9 TRANSCRIPTIONS: Letters from Our Readers 14: DR. but can- not be held liable for errors, changes, or omissions.KIRK’S SURVEYS: Your Participation Requested FEATURES 15 NEW SHERIFF IN TOWN: The TOPS Story R. Transgender Tapestry grants permission for legitimate non-profit organizations to reprint material from these pages (unless copyrighted by the authors); in exchange, Transgender Tapestry expects permission to reprint any articles from those organizations and/or their publica- tions.This com- munity is comprised of crossdressers, transsexuals, gender-benders, anyone who does not identify with traditional gender roles, and all who support freedom of gender expression.Crossing social, economic, political, and philosophi- cal lines, IFGE's constituents are bound together by a common desire to freely ex- plore and express their gender identities by transcending gender norms.

If you have ever needed a Sensitive, Understanding, Caring Friend to express your feelings to and answer your questions about crossdressing, I can help as a friend or counselor. BOARD OF DIRECTORS Linda Buten, Chair; James Green.

Submis- sions should be either letter quality type, double spaced, printed with a fresh black ribbon, or on a 3.5'" double- density disc, accompanied by hardcopy.

(Microsoft Word for Windows and Word Perfect for Windows are preferred.) Photos should be clear and with simple back- grounds.

The com- munity consists of a growing network of over 300 local, regional, and national sup- port organizations ranging from informal support groups to non-profit organiza- tions, and publishers of gender-related material. These feelings are frequently ex- acerbated by the parents' belief that there is no place to turn for help.

IFGE goals include: To educate members of the TG community, the general public, media, and elected officials on crossdressing, transgender, and transsexual issues; To educate medical, psychological, and psychiatric health-care professionals and other care providers about TG facts, needs, and special issues; To monitor legislation that affects the TG community; To provide legal back-up and/or referrals for victims of discrimination; To provide outreach and referrals for individuals and organizations within the TG community. They may also assume or be misled into believing that their child may be gay or lesbian.

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IFGE depends an gifts for a significant portion of its income. If you have an interest in gender issues, please contribute. Israel Raising the Transgendered Child son Recently I have found my . Does that mean he is a crossdresser or trans- sexual? Even among the most caring parents, panic is frequently one of the first responses. This may include persons of the same, oppo- site, both or neither sex.

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