Frineds dating

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Frineds dating

Phoebe moves temporarily into Ross's apartment bringing her massage clients with her, leading Ross to end up massaging an old man in a failed pass at a woman. is cancelled, Joey finds himself crawling back to the producers.

Phoebe wants to give Monica her grandmother's secret cookie recipe – but the recipe was destroyed in the fire. Monica, Chandler and Ross (who wore leg warmers) all reveal secrets to each other.

Ross, while trying to guard his dissertation from potential lovers, meets a woman who enjoyed his work, and they end up fooling around (and getting caught) in the library. Monica's plan to get to know her neighbors backfires when she is overworked.

Phoebe sneaks a dog into the apartment; Chandler reveals that he hates dogs. Phoebe finally gets her first bicycle, thanks to Ross, but is unable to ride it.

David (Hank Azaria), Phoebe's Scientist Guy, comes into town for just one night and wants to have dinner with Phoebe when she already has plans with Joey.

Monica's cousin Frannie, with whom she was once best friends, is getting married, and she is not invited.

Meanwhile, Chandler gets new glasses and a mishap in a steam room results in Chandler sitting on his future father-in-law's nude lap. Drake Ramoray, on Days of Our Lives but is offended when he is asked to audition. Ross is happy that his dissertation is in the school library until he finds out where it's located: the dead part of the library where people go to hook up.However, Chandler isn't keen on spending all of the money on the wedding when he'd rather save it for their future.Joey finds an erotic novel Rachel's been reading and mocks her.Monica and Chandler can't seem to sleep, Rachel and Tag search for a business file, Joey and Ross try to get off the roof staying after the others and getting locked out, and Phoebe's smoke detector won't stop beeping, leading to a run-in with a firefighter.Rachel and Chandler both think they've broken Rosita, Joey's recliner, so Rachel goes out with Joey to buy the La-Z-Boy E-Cliner 3000, while Chandler secretly swaps his recliner with Joey's.

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Friends was produced by Bright/Kauffman/Crane Productions, in association with Warner Bros. The season contains 24 episodes and concluded airing on May 17, 2001.

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