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Miss Flanders, 42, was this weekend in Washington covering a meeting of the powerful International Monetary Fund and was unavailable to comment.

But it is understood her relationships with the two most powerful men in the Labour party happened in the Nineties.

In fact, the revelations shed light on the extraordinary nexus between Miss Flanders, Miss Cooper, 41, and Mr Balls, 43, all of whom studied Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Oxford before taking a Kennedy scholarship to Harvard, and Mr Miliband, also an Oxford PPE graduate, who then studied at Harvard.

Her steely intellectual analysis coupled with ‘foxy, blue-stocking’ screen presence have made her the ice queen of the BBC’s financial meltdown coverage.

The daughter of British actor and comic singer Michael Flanders, she attended St Paul’s Girls’ School where fellow pupils were socialite and journalist Petronella Wyatt and BBC newsreader Sophie Raworth.

She was made the BBC’s economics editor in February 2008.

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Miss Flanders, now a mother of two, was returning from two years’ study in the US at Harvard University and attempting to find a job on a newspaper while working at the London Business School.

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