White pride dating service

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White pride dating service

Pride has always been for the most marginalized, and has always been for us.Since the action, I have received hate mail and death threats, primarily from gay-identifying men. I have been called a “nigger” more times than I care to count.Orlando continues to devastate me and remind me that I have a responsibility to disrupt a system that continues to brutalize the LGBTQ2SIAA communities that look like me.Part of that work is creating more inclusivity in spaces like Pride.They are fostering a narrative wherein calling for an end to police floats in Pride is considered “discriminatory,” completely overlooking the reality of privilege and power granted to police.Black people are one of the fastest-growing prison populations in Canada, and racial profiling and death continue to be the outcomes all too often when police interact with Black communities.Gender and sexual diversity, it seems, does not preclude racism or white privilege.The majority of the leadership within Black Lives Matter – Toronto and Black Lives Matter internationally identify as queer or trans.

The Toronto Police Service recently issued a formal statement saying it “regretted” the 1981 bathhouse raids, but has made no statement on the Pussy Palace raid in 2000 or the attacks on entire trans and sex-working communities through TAVIS as recently as last year.

An increased police presence at Pride in the wake of the Orlando tragedy does not make the most marginalized among us feel safe. The LGBTQ2SIAA community knows that labels do not devalue us, they help define us.

And yet something about the words “Black lives matter” is making many people deeply uncomfortable.

One of them wanted to know who we were and where we were going.

He became increasingly aggressive but eventually left us alone.

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People have told me I’m no longer part of the queer community because my Blackness has no place there.